A book review of varjack paw by daniel and Evie

                                The Plot

Varjak paw is a pet mesopotamian blue who thinks there is more to life than eating sleeping and washing. One day he ventures out into the outside world to find a dog and save his family from the gentleman and his cats. He finds out it is not what it seems.

                                   The characters

Varjaks team and enemies consist of holly a spiky cat he knows her way round the mean streets of the city,Tam is a curly,brown furred cat  who for some reason is always thinking about food.Cludge is a dog that scares quite a lot of things,although he is all this he is fiercely loyal and will do anything to help his friends,he is a dog after all.Sally bones and razor are part of a gang and will do anything to get varjack and his crew off their turf.                                                                                                                           .  Highlights

Varjaks hilarious encounter with “dogs  ” and toys of fake cats that call him their friend.                                                                                             

                                    Out of ten


Varjak paw is a funny yet adventurous tale.    

Any weak bits

no not really the book is so full of personality you begin to think they are humans


definately this book is amazing you almost feel like your actually part of the Book.

Varjak Paw review by Lowenna and Michael

The plot

A family of cats, including Varjak, lived in the Contesses house but only Elder Paw understands him. Varjak is made to feel different  and one day a man with to black cats come and are  suspiciosly nice. He is told to venture into the outer world to save his family.

The characters

Along Varjacs journey  he meets Holy who has brainy knowledge about the dangerous streets. He also meets Hollys sidekick Tan and Cluch a dog . There are lots of mean cats on the streets including Sally Bones.


Some of this story is very dramatic but bits can make you giggle.

Any week bits

Not much. Even if you don’t like cats it’s enjoyable.


Once you have picked the book up it is imposiple to put it down even if you are hungry.

I would give it an 8 out of 10

Review of varjak paw by Elle and Charlie

The plot.

😸 Varjak paw is a story of how  this cat handles life. He is a Mesopotamian blue and he does not act like one. And he needs to protect his family because they are in danger.

The characters

😸varjak is a boy cat who what’s to get a dog. Holly a spiky who lives in the city. Who nose the danger in the city.And helps varjak.Cludge is is the last member of the team he’s a lost dog and he looks fears but he is 100% not. Tam is a very hungry cat and they loos her.sally bones she sees all with one eye and she can disappear as quick as a flash.


😸Varjak has a fite with razor and is lucky to be alive.He uses slow time to help him and will be ok

give it a 4.5 out of 5.



Isabel and Leah’s book reveiw

The plot:Varjak (a young pet cat from Mesopotamia) is surrounded by blocks.His family tease him and don’t notice his true potential.But when one day they are endangered by an evil gentleman and his cats ,Varjak stops at nothing to say for them .When he ventures into the outside world he follows the footsteps of his great ancestor ,Jalal .He is out to find a dog but is unaware of the dangers beyond him.

Characters :

Varjak is a determined young cat that never gives up no matter how much his family taunt and tease him. He teams up with Holly a city cat who knows all about survival in the the dark city streets . Tam ,her sidekick(who is always looking for a meal)is a kind companion who always wishes the best for her friends .The city is overrun by cat gangs one of which belongs to the deadly and most feared Sally Bones .She is one eyed but  sees all.Razor ,her right hand ,defends her territory and attacks anyone daring enough to cross his path.Cludge is a fier some dog who takes sides with Varjak and help him defeat the evil gentleman.


Many!!!Varjaks first encounter with Jalal ,the fight scenes that leave you on the edge of your seat ,Varjaks first night alone ,his first sighting of Sally Bones and Razor,The elder paws last words to him , His meeting with Cludge and the mysterious vanishings…

Any weak bits ?

No! Even if your fussy about cats this book is suitable for you as its more about feelings and learning the lessons of life.

out of ten:10


Varjack paw book review by Leah and DANIEL


The story  is about a cat called varjak paw who is a pet cat in a big city and meet’s Holly and Tan ,who is friends, helped him to find a dog to save his family .Evenchaly thay find a dog🐶.Who disids to help them to get the man and his 2 cats ( who is the bad boys)  to save varjaks family.

The characters!

The characters are varjak  (the mc),who  is a bit feisty  .Holly is a friend who  is a pro at playing and wondering in the streets is a great use for helping varjack.Tan is also a friend who is always hungry of food🍕.Cuch is a dog that helps them .sally bonus is unkind always see any cat walking pas she pounsis on.The old paw is dies in a fight.I give it a 5 out of 5

Varjack paw by Lauren and Taylor book review

Description-Varjack Paw is a book of action and adventure about a young cat discovering the world. When some misterious visitors come by the Contessas house (Varjacks home) the cat family is in threat and its up to Varjack to save them. But he finds life outside the safety of the garden wall more of a challenge than he thought…



the characters -Varjack is energetic young cat longing for adventure.In his expedition he teams up with Holly a spiky tough street cat and Tam  hollie’s layed back sidekick who always longs for food.And Kluge, a dog and the hero in the story.


Highlights- There are many. The arguments, the fights, the utter suspense. Also the many encounters with the evil Sally Bones are bone racking and will make you quiver in your seats.


Any weak bits?– No, not obvious ones. This is a tale that would fit all likes. Weather you want action, romance, suspense or a good classic story, this will be the book for you.


Unputdownable?- Compleatly. This is one of those books you will pick up every possible seconded. And when things get interesting when the gentleman and his demonic cats come in to the story you won’t be able to stop.


Rating- 4/5 I think this book is amazing


Review On Varjak Paw by Grace and Ammaar

The Plot:


Varjak Paw is a pet cat who likes to go on adventures. His family likes to tease him he just can’t fit in. All of his family are Mesopotamian blues but they say that he’s not. He soon learns all the 7 ways of Jalal but so far they only know three slow time, moving Circles and shadow walking. Soon Varjak Jumps over the wall and ventures all the world to find a dog to save his family from the Gentlmen. Varjak doesn’t want to disappoint his ancestor Jalal.

The Characters:

Varjak,Elder Paw,Jalal,Contessa,Hollie,Tam,Jethro,Jay,Jerome,Sally bones,Aunt Juni,Julius,Jasmine,Razor,Gentlemen,the two black cats and cludge.


We  give this book a rating of 3/5


Book review Varjack Paw by Gabe kilinda

                     The plot

Varjak paw is forced to leave his home and  discover a new life in the city.His Grandfather is beaten to a pulp he must find a monster that even humans are afraid of.A dog .Varjak paw  doubts him self as he thinks how can a pedigree cat talk to a dog?He meets  his first friends and finally found his happyness.But he meets a new problem Sally Bones and he must learn the the way.

The  characters

Varjac paw,whose quick to doubt himself,  finds new friends and bravery inside the dangerous city.At first he finds Holly,harsh but  deep down a little softie,and Tam  always on the hunt food and easylyimpressed by Varjak . Last but not least, Cludge ,tormented by his own strength ,is one of the most loyal of the group trying to help Varjak in every way.


We rate it 8.5 out of 10 . It’s a classic.

Varjack paw Joseph and Connor

The plot: varjack paw is a pampered  pet cat who knows there’s more to life. His couple tease him and don’t reconise his beastly spirit. He’s made to venture past his back yard wall so he can save his family from a dreadful and curious man and his devil twin black cats.

The characters: varjack is a mischievous young fella hes also wild little cat when he’s out in the open. He teams up with his friend Holly who is a street cat and knows the way around the streets and how to slip out of dangers. And Tam a quality sidekick


A Book review of Varjak Paw By Meg and Harry

the plot

Varjak paw is a curious character about to enter a new world

while he learns the ways of Jalal . His family bully him except the elder paw (his grandfather) . Varjak is foreced to go beyond the contessas house. Varjak finds himself in a strange new world full of secrets and enemies  . One of Which is Sally Bones . her closest  rival is Gingers gang. Whilst searching  for a dog Varjak has to overcome all his fears. He is accompanied by two street cats named Holly and  Tam . Varjak has to journey to find a dog. By doing this he learns the ways of Jalal.


Varjak: Varjak is a curious little cat about to learn what life is really like he is accompanied by holly an emotional character that can be  very personal and grumpy . Holly has a sidekick called Tam who follows her around and her hunger gets her into trouble. Varjak has a family that  always despise him except his grandad who listened to him . Cludge is the last of Varjaks friends he is a big brown dog who helps save the day . Sometimes Cludge doesn’t really make sense . This adds to the many humorous moments in this book. Varjak has an older brother called Julius who bosses him around saying he is not a proper messipataniam blue. He has three younger brothers Jay Jethro and Gerome. He also has an older cousin called Jasmine and she is nice to Varjak but she also follows Julius. His mum and dad doubt him telling him to act like a blue.



there are many highlights in this book. One of wich is the fact he thinks a car is a dog. Another is all the discriptionin the book. It makes you feel like you’re there. Varjak can be very quirky and very serious.

weak points

there aren’t any weak bits even if you hate story’s about animals the true meaning about this is about human life and how you should  treat everyone the same. 

I think this book deserves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Because it has lots of suspense and lots of description making it one of the bests books we have ever read

I think you should read this book